An effective germ-killing disinfectant combined with a tough, abrasive wipe make up Medaphene® SCRUBS® Disinfectant Deodorizing Wipes. These wipes utilize a water based formula which insures surfaces remain wet longer to optimize disinfecting time. The textured wipe works quickly not only to loosen, but also absorb contaminants and organic matter where germs breed. The patented formula along with the textured wipe provide a one-step application that loosens dried on surface contaminates to ensure a clean and disinfected surface.


  • Non- scratching abrasive wipe
  • No messy overspray or runny drips
  • Patented disinfecting and deodorizing formula
Description Container Size Stock No. Qty/Case Ship Wgt. (lbs.)
Medaphene Disinfectant Wipes 65 Count/Bucket 90365 6 10.0