Larrabee Company showcases our broad assortment of industrial and construction products with …

7 Innovative Ways

We want to help you find answers – Quickly. Our new website provides you the tools.

  1. Product Categories – The main navigation of our website is arranged by major product categories. Each category lists all the sub-categories in an easy to navigate photo album.
  2. What you REALLY need to know! Specials, this section has money saving products, specials and closeouts designed to offer you the most value.
  3. Access products by Manufacturers – You can easily find all the products by a certain manufacturer by clicking on the logos near the top of the page.
  4. Connect With Us
    • Email
    • RSS – Get the latest news and product updates by subscribing to our news feed. Once subscribed you can quickly scan all of our latest updates by headline.
    • Facebook – Facebook has become an invaluable tool to share information and communicate with friends and associates.
    • LinkedIN – Networking tool for professionals.
    • Larrabee – The “L” button will connect you with our main website Here you will find all the latest information from the manufacturers we represent.
  5. General Information – About Us, Brands & Sitemap
    The sitemap is a great tool that displays all of the information found on our website in an outline format. You can drill down by brand and product group.
  6. Customer Service – Contact page, FAQ’s, and company policies.
  7. Latest Products & News – Do you want to quickly see if we’ve added anything to our website? Here you will find the 5 most recent updates.

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