Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you sell to the public?
    No, Vanguard Products is a wholesale distributor selling products to the Construction & Industrial distribution channel. If you need help finding a distributor to provide you one of our products, call us (800) 260-9430.
  2. Do you accept credit cards?
    Vanguard Products provides our distributors with company lines of credit.
  3. What are your terms?
    Net 30 days
  4. Can I pick up an order from your warehouse?
    Yes, we offer will call service in our conveniently located warehouse in Hayward, CA. Our hours are Monday thru Friday 7am – 4pm
  5. How do you ship orders?
    Orders are shipped from our Hayward, CA warehouse during normal business hours. Most of our products can be shipped via UPS. Those items that require a common courier, are shipped via trucking services.
  6. What is your return policy?
    You find your answers by visiting our Return Policy page
  7. Do you provide warranty service?
    It depends on the manufacturer, it is always best to call us (800) 260-9430.
  8. I have a question…
    If you need immediate assistance, please call our offices (800) 260-9430 or you can email us